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The Gaming Edge in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada! Just letting everyone know if they're nearby or traveling by

Feb 24, 2013 at 12:35:18 PM
Mouser (12)
(Daniel Ripley) < Eggplant Wizard >
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Nova Scotia
Hey everyone!  Just figured I'd like to share the game store I sell my games at so some of you can put us on your map when you travel near us (or maybe you're close to us)

The store offers plenty of Magic cards, other kinds of card games, Warhammer 40K, comic books, graphic novels, board games and of course vidya games!

They hold plenty of Magic tournaments and we'll be partnering soon for some game tournaments (especially tournaments for old games from NES - N64)

Check our facebook page out for contests, give aways, updates, tournaments and more of that good stuff!

Would love to see or hear some NA members from around here stop on by if they're traveling or live close.  We'll always hook you guys up with a deal on video game stuff,  just mention Nintendo Age for a discount!

For those curious about shipping out stuff, we haven't made a decision on what we're doing for that yet but we're definitely considering since a lot of our customers (and you guys!) would like that and of couse that'd also mean we'd list stuff online to choose from.