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16bit to 8bit conversion IC (other than 2x257 mux)

Oct 11, 2018 at 9:47:53 AM
Mightydidz (0)
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Hello guys, I'm currently looking to update some of my schematic with smaller components.
For a long time I've been using 2x257 mux to convert 16bit eeprom to 8bit eeprom.
Its for snes custom carts.
It is working fine but in some complexe build with lot of IC when 8bit conversion + mix mapping + microcontroller + multiEprom, Its getting tight on the PCB.
I'm looking for a smaller, more effective SMD IC.

I'm no expert in electronics so I tough asking you guys might be easier.

I found two IC that are I'm not 100% would work:

Let me know if other options exists