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Tech Talk Early Famicom AV Mod finished & NES Controller Mod too. New caps as well. Very early Famicom (Slick Dust Cover) Recall board possibly?

Feb 13 at 7:38:01 PM
Nesmaniac (3)
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Finally got this 1983 famicom buttoned back up. When I got it it wasn't functioning properly at all & after removing a few components on bottom of board which looked out of place it stopped functioning at all for the most part other than picking up radio station really well. Without much to lose I figured I would AV mod it. Still same issues so I discovered after searching famicom world that the components on bottom was put there by Nintendo because apparently this board is so early it was probably recalled with components added. Player 1 controller also had been switched to a round button which seems to be pretty common. I read that nintendo actually offer a kit or would let people send these early units back. I finally found a picture with same components & put them back where they were pictured on that board and fired up Mario 3 & to my surprise it worked perfect. The composite video mod seems to look good overall as well & I chose to do DaBears method which required desoldering RF components and running the composite out the old RF jack. For the Audio I simply robbed a connector from old VCR & used my dremel to cut the metal in the RF box wide enough to allow the audio jack to slide down beside the video jack and soldered in firmly into place directly to the RF box. I did melt the plastic inside so I had to remove the inner plastic and cut another piece out to put inside because the soldering had melted the plastic down to where the audio cable would not go in so remember to remove it if you will be doing a mod the same way. Also I decided to play a NES controller connector inside to give me a few extra feet of cord. I thought about putting the port on the outside but decided to just fit in inside the unit & run the cord out the back like factory. 
I'm happy to have this old famicom up and running. Has rubber under the PPU. Slick flap, board CPU 1983 no revision #, little 3 printed close to P1 connector on top and bottom. According to famicom world forum 4 was the oldest known until a 3 was brought to light (same as this one) & the one I found pictures of the components added on bottom of board was a 1 or 2 & even though I know one cap was in a different spot than mine was I was fortunate it worked. I'm going to use this as a player for as long as it works without causing me issues. These had cpu issues which had to be recalled but maybe mine with latest chip date being 27th week of 1983 was lined out by Nintendo by this point, at least major issues. Be interesting to play it a while and see.


Feb 13 at 7:46:46 PM
Kosmic StarDust (44)
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Congrats, looks like a nice find. Glad you were able to restore it.  

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