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Perpering a SNES ROM for a repro?

Nov 13, 2017 at 12:29:51 PM
kidpoker (0)

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So I pick up some nice super famicom games at a market for a great price and I want to play them in English.
So I was thinking of making them into repro but keeping the carts with the original artwork.

I got dragon quest 5, 6 and final fantasy 6.

My first question is where is safe to download roms?
I used one site to download dragon quest 5 and the file size was 1.5mb I then patched it and it didn't work.
So I then downloaded a patched rom and it works fine but has a bad checksum and no header and was 2mb

Now I didn't want to do a load of wiring so I got some TSOP boards and 29f033 chips.

So I think I have to pad the rom in order for it to work on the chip.
Will Lunar Expand work and will the rom need the to have the header or not and what about the checksum when padding?

So once the rom is 4mb I most remove the header using UCON and should I make sure the checksum should be ok and then it is ready to burn?

I also plan to add the super cic to each cart as I only have an unmodded PAL SNES, so will the games run in 50 or 60hz?

Is there anything I am missing?

Thanks in advance

Nov 14, 2017 at 8:33:36 PM
MrPete1985 (43)
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It is against the rules to tell you where to down load ROMs on this site.

For patching your own ROMs some patches will require a ROM with a copier header and other ones will require a ROM without a copier header. Sometimes it will be listed in the readme file other times your will have to figure it out by trial and error.
It is common for a translation to expand the size of the ROM and most patches do not correct the checksum value in the ROM, this drives me crazy because it would help you know the patch was applied to the correct ROM and that the patch is correct.

For using the 29F033 chips with smaller ROMs some games will work without padding but some will require it, I think FF5 needs to be padded from 24mbit to 32mbit or else you get a black screen with music after you press start at the beginning.

When you program the ROM to your chip you will need to make sure there is no copier header on the ROM or else it will not load, fixing the checksum is optional but I always do it.

Some games will play fine on 50 or 60 hz but most will not, you might want to mod your SNES for 50/60hz.

As for what the copier header is, back when the SNES was new the copier machines would add data to the beginning of the ROM (512 bytes) so the device could identify how large the ROM was, how much SRAM it had and if it was HiROM or LoROM. This data needs to be removed if present or else it the game will not load on a repro cart.

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