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Add More SRAM to FX Game

Oct 3, 2014 at 8:40:09 PM
MrPete1985 (40)
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I wanted to upgrade the SRAM on my Vortex boards to reproduce Star Fox 2

Here is what you'll need:
A Super FX game that you want to upgrade the SRAM
All your basic soldering stuff
A new SRAM chip, here is the SRAM I used

Let's get started by opening the game, the chip on the top right is the SRAM chip

Start off by removing the SRAM chip, I cover how I do this in my Star Fox 2 tutorial

Then use your iron and some solder wick to clean the pads

Then add a wire that will connect to the A15 line on the SRAM chip, you can solder directly to the FX chip or the via

Next prep the SRAM chip, the larger SRAM chip is wider than the stock SRAM chip so roll the legs on a hard surface to bend them inward so they are easier to solder to the pads
(Thanks to MarkFrisbie for this technique)

Next bend up the top 2 legs on either side

Then solder the SRAM to the board

Next run a few wires to complete the new connections that were not present on the original SRAM

Here is the pinout

A16 is connected to ground this will disable half of the chip and only 512k will be accessible.
A15 is connected to the FX chip
VCC can be rewired to any 5 volt source

Then put it on the SNES and it should load

Now you can reproduce Star Fox 2 by following this tutorial

Just about anything you would want to know about SNES repros
The best SNES PCBs you can buy
Mask ROM Adapter Boards
Fixing stuff on my YouTube channel

I fix game cartridges and make repros.  Send a PM If you are interested in my services.

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Oct 3, 2014 at 9:13:31 PM
Lincoln (137)
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ebay auctionsrunning FS thread famiROM thread for .nes info and splitting / rom hacks link/discussion

Mar 7, 2016 at 8:42:09 AM
Gusbacher (0)

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I have an spare Yoshis island lying around here and have soldered an Zif socket to it. I want to build an Testing cart which play every super fx Game. Doom is too Expensive in Germany, so i took Yoshis island but it only has 256kb Sram. Can you tell me how to do an Upgrade on this Pcb?
The Zif Socket is already soldered in but without the Byteswap. testet with Starfox and it works.I also would like to Overclock this, but looks totally different than in every Tutorial i Have found.
i Have all the Parts, but no clue how.

it looks likesome sram pins are not used?

thx for helping me out on this.



May 12 at 9:34:36 AM
retronerd (0)
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Do you have the link to the sram?