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NES famicom conversion

May 28, 2014 at 9:30:36 PM
thepandaofnom (0)
(andrew ) < Tourian Tourist >
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I have been thinking about my NES toaster for a while now and I recently found some original famicom controlers on ebay for $10 and Im planing to install them into my NES. Im not sure yet if I want to install them permenently like they are on the famicom or make them detatcable like the NES. If I make them detachable like they are on the NES I konw I will have to get third party cable extenders for controler 2 because regular nes controlers dont have the 6th pin for the mic but most cable extenders do. This all got me thinking about other famicom exsesorys I may like to colect like the key board. I started planing out how I was going to do the famicom expansion port on my nes. I got all the pinouts and it all goes smooth except their is one pin that is questionable. A pinout chart someone drew up shows one pin that confes me. You can see the chart here at . If you look at pin 2 of the fc da-15 conection it says sound out. This chart says to conect that to pin 21 of the nes exp port. This is video out acording to the nes exp pin 21 is video out and audio out is on 22. does anyone know witch is right.

May 31, 2014 at 11:04:22 PM
Gorillazero (51)
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I can't say for sure, but I usually trust nesdev.

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Jun 1, 2014 at 1:31:03 AM
thepandaofnom (0)
(andrew ) < Tourian Tourist >
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New York
Ok so I finished my NES famicom mods. I took the connectors on the end of the famicom controller and connected them to db-9 connectors and just spliced the female sockets into the mother board. Fun fact the Japanese controllers for famicom don't use the same pin out as the us controllers yet they use the same color wires witch once again shows you should never trust wire color. as for the controller pin out player one on the famicom pins out like this

Pic of the NES controller

Pic of the famicom controller. as you can see the two wires are reversed.

//player 1
famicom                                                nes
brown = ground                             brown = ground
red = data                                      red = clock
orange = strobe                            orange = strobe
yellow = clock                               yellow = data
white = +5v                                   white = +5v
blue = d3/zapper light sensor       blue = d3/zapper light sensor
purple = d4/zapper trigger            pulled purple = d4/zapper trigger pulled

this is the pic of my tie in point on P1 slot. the color code is the same except green is brown and black is purple (didn't have purple or brown wire)

Player two pin out was even wonkier.

//player 2
famicom                                               nes
brown = +5v                                           brown = ground
red = ground                                          red = clock
orange = data                                        orange = strobe
yellow = strobe                                       yellow = data
white = clock                                          white = +5v
blue = d3/zapper light sensor/mic          blue = d3/zapper light sensor
purple = d4/zapper trigger pulled          purple = d4/zapper trigger pulled/mic

this is the pic of P2. same color coding.

connection into the db-9 connector.

I also added a famicom expansion slot to the NES using the information below. all credits and original posters have been left to give du credit.

Famicom to NES Expansion Port Pin out

By: Xious Sonenberg

FC DA-15                                                  NES 48-Pin DSub EXP

1 – Ground                                               2 - Ground
2 - Sound Output                                     22 – Audio Out
3 – IRQ                                                    14 - /IRQ
4 - Port #1 (D4) 4017R.4                         18 – Joypad #2 (D4)
5 - Port #1 (D3) 4017R.3                         16 – Joypad #2 (D3)
6 - Port #1 (D2) 4017R.2                         15 – Joypad #2 (D2)
7 - Port #1 (D1) 4017R.1                         20 – Joypad #2 (D1)
8 - Port #1 (D0) 4017R.0                         19 – Joypad #2 (D0)
9 - Port #1 CLK 4017R.E                         11 – /OE Joypad #2
10 - Out2 4016WR.2                                45 – Out2
11 - Out1 4016WR.1                                44 – Out1
12 - Out0 4016WR.0                                43 – Out0
13 - Port #0 (D1) 4016R.1                       12 – Joypad #1 D1
14 - Port #0 CLK 4016R.E                       37 – /OE Joypad #1
15 - +5VDC                                              1 – +5VDC (Out)

Credits: My thanks to the diagrams made my Kevin Horton, Ben Heckendorn, and all the folks at NESdev.

the pic of this is crap.

I still need to get some screws to bolt everything down but it all works perfect. I have no clue why I posted this other than boredom considering most people are not looking to do this but for the people that are have at it.

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Jun 1, 2014 at 1:32:01 AM
thepandaofnom (0)
(andrew ) < Tourian Tourist >
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New York

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