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Chrono Trigger - Flames of Eternity vs Crimson Echoes

Sep 19, 2013 at 9:50:35 AM
amplific (0)
(Adam ) < Tourian Tourist >
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District of Columbia
Not sure of this a n00b topic or not (I searched through the forum and hadn't seen much recently), but what's the current state of these two hacks?  For a while FOE seemed to be some smaller changes and completion of CE, but didn't seem to offer anything different then CE.

I'm not much of a ROM-player, but I just saw Timewalk plans on wrapping up CE and embracing a FOE repro.  Had something meaningful changed in FOE to warrant it being thought as two different games?

Sep 19, 2013 at 10:01:33 AM
Vergie (34)
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(Jeremy Vergason) < Meka Chicken >
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I played the FOE ga,e and it was unfinished, buggy, but it was good 3 hours in. Havent seen much in the last few months.

Sep 19, 2013 at 10:35:28 AM
Zwario (30)
(Carlos Monoz) < Meka Chicken >
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Hahah, I got that Timewalkgames email and did the same thing!! I googled "Crimson Echoes vs Flames of Eternity"

I have played through Crimson Echoes, and can honestly say it is a great game! (I am a big Chrono Trigger fan so that probably helps!)

I have always been curious about FoE, (and I believe there is some bad blood between the two development teams)

The story I read made it sound like when the CE team got the Cease and Desist from Square, the FoE team grabbed the unfinished CE ROM, and basically made minor changes to it so that they could call it "theres", then finished it and called it FoE,

Problem is, then the CE ROM got "leaked", and if you play both side by side you will notice how similar they are...

If you are only going to play one of them, I would choose Crimson Echoes...

However, if you are a crazy Chrono fan like me, you might want to own these as well:

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Chrono Cross - incredibly underrated / beautiful game!!

Sep 19, 2013 at 11:54:36 AM
Lance (0)
(Lance ) < Eggplant Wizard >
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Yea, they were nearly finished with the game when they got the C&D from square. I bet they just wanted to do something else with all the work they did.


Sep 22, 2013 at 11:52:42 AM
Pharoah (2)
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One thing I noticed tho about Crimson Echo's is that the number 1 rule of the Chrono Trigger world was broken, and I assume the same holds true with Flames of Eternity, is that Crono talks, fairly frequently. In Chrono Trigger: Original, the guy never spoke, there was never any dialogue displaying;

"Crono: Hey marle blah blah"

Both myself and my wife are HUGE Chrono Trigger fans, and this was the first things, and thus far the only thing, that we've noticed so far that makes it feel somewhat distinct from Chrono Trigger: Original

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