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Tech Talk famiROM, the .nes rom splitter I made update 2016-06-12

Jun 10 at 7:00:13 PM
MrPete1985 (34)
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Anyone else get an error when opening Startropics (U).nes ROM?

Was going to make a Startropics with the music patch and movement patch applied but says "invalid header bytes" when I try to open the ROM.
Ended up using a hex editor to split the ROM

Header bytes from HxD
HEX - 4E 45 53 1A 10 20 41 44 69 73 6B 44 75 64 65 21
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Jun 10 at 7:56:36 PM
Lincoln (133)
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that header tag is bleeding into the range of actual values. the first 8(?) bytes are reserved for the header and the data there has defined meaning. the last 8 bytes in ines 1.0 isn't defined in the standard but there is some defacto use of that space. but garbage in that area is generally tolerated. it looks like your particular rom is being too liberal with stuffing junk at the end of the header.

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