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Rollie is on Kickstarter!
Posted by KHAN Games on September 14, 2019


Rollie is live on Kickstarter! It is the first homebrew game by Optomon, although many folks know him for his involvement with the hacking community (Castlevania: The Holy Relics, Pyronaut, Metroid: Rogue Dawn). Rollie is a traditional side-scroller about a pair of racoons (Rollie and Lorrie) who bounce through sixteen levels trying to save Paradise Gorge. Bosses await the player at the end of each power-up filled level, and secrets abound. A great game for serious gamers or for those wanting to spend time playing with children, nieces, or nephews, Rollie is a hit with all ages! Both digital (ROM) and physical tiers are available.

Join the conversation on the forum here!

Guides & Games here on NintendoAge!
Posted by Gloves on August 25, 2019

Today we've got a double feature! Some of our members are out here playing games, while others are hard at work making them! Both types fit in great on the forum and I wanted to take this opportunity to show off some of the dedication of some NA members!

First up, if you're into the Nintendo Switch and its new Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you've gotta check out the guide written by the hard-working and hard-playing yukfou here: Fire Emblem Three Houses Guide - Fishing, Combat, Gardening, Gold

In the guide yukfou offers "Hard to find tips and tricks for combat, fishing, gardening, gold, and more". If you're a Fire Emblem fan pop on by and maybe offer a hand with any new info you might offer, or go ahead and take it all in to help you get the most out of the game!

Next we have a new old... new... modern... retro... release? Resident game publisher and developer guy dra600n has released a collection of retro games on Steam! The Second Dimension RetroPak Vol. 1 (click here!) includes 7 (SEVEN!) games from the Second Dimension catalog, and is currently discounted by 10% for a launch price of only $17.99 (regular $19.99)! 

The package comes with the following 7 games:
  • AO
  • Beer Slinger
  • Blow'em Out
  • Family Picross
  • Get'em Gary (my personal favorite!)
  • NES Virus Cleaner
  • Perfect Pair

What's more, if you want to take these games and play on your original hardware all you have to do is take the files included with your purchase, change the file extension to ".nes", toss em on your flash cart of choice, and you're off to the races!

Read more about this Steam release on the forum thread here: Second Dimension on Steam


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