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Box art documentary kickstarter
Posted by K3VBOT on April 23, 2016

“Box Art - A Gaming Documentary” will explore everything about box art, cover art, the artists responsible for making these images, their processes and more! This is your chance to help make this film a reality, secure a copy, and snag some exclusive content and items. Before game trailers and the Internet age, even before magazines, our first contact with video games was the cover art on the front of the box. That’s the image that “sold” the game. It was the promise of an experience, and an extrapolation of game play regardless of the game’s actual graphical capability.  

But who created those images? Why was it on a box? Why did some games have different covers in different parts of the world?
What lead to the change between covers that were painted on canvas and covers that were designed in a computer?

This exciting new documentary will look at video game box art from all eras, for both consoles and PC, foreign and domestic releases and variations, and showcase both the famous and infamous stories that surround the gaming cover art we know and love.
NintendoAge thread -
Kickstarter page -

Mother to Earth: A Kickstarter Documentary on Earthbound Beginnings
Posted by Ferris Bueller on April 19, 2016

Over two years in the making and Co-Produced by NA's very own "Ferris Bueller", Mother to Earth is a documentary about the secret history behind one of Nintendo’s biggest cult classics - Mother - better known in to us as Earthbound Beginnings/Zero. This film will show the history of Mother’s failed initial release in North America, while tracking the prototypes that were eventually dumped, and the making of the fan released rom.

The Kickstarter is now live, just in time for the tenth anniversary of the release of Mother 3! Interviews will include the original North American translator (Phil Sandhop), a former Nintendo of America game counselor (Matt Alderman), and the hacker that worked on the rom for all of us to enjoy (Neo Demi Force). Pledge now, and pledge often!


Mother to Earth Kickstarter
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