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April 15, 2015¤ by Dain 

Introducing a silly new NES homebrew: RIG! (Random Insult Generator)

When comments blurted out during a fit of blind rage won't do, just pop in this cart and let it come up with a slightly more colorful insult!

NSFW WARNING: This is an adult game with harsh language and the links to this game below are NSFW!

Read more here, if you dare! (NSFW)

April 10, 2015¤ by Ferris Bueller 

I had so much fun at Super! BitCon two weeks ago, that I actually sat down and edited footage right away! Interviews include Joe Sullivan, owner of a full MACS set, and Orange Rex, all around cool dude and once upon a time, play tester for Nintendo. Highlights from the weekend would be the Let's Play Gaming Expo competition kart rolling around with one of only a dozen copies of PowerFest 94. Sadly, this was not it's first appearance, but the second since the actual Nintendo event in 1994. 
Did I mention that the Let's Play Gaming Expo is happening August 1st and 2nd?   ;)

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